Founded by Elizabeth Doud in collaboration with FUNDarte, and launched in April 2015, Climakaze Miami is a radical, fun and stimulating community building platform that mixes live performances, participatory conversations and excursions into green spaces in a thought provoking festival format focused on climate change issues and environmental justice.  Based in South Florida, the project brings together the climate-concerned arts community, educators, scientists, activists and climate champions in local government, plus a wide range of climate-concerned artist and citizens. 

The event design responds to the premise that the largest part of our citizenry lives in a state of dampened awareness about climate issues, and isn’t yet effectively able to connect cause to present circumstance to positive action for systems change.  While climate change is now a commonly identified idea, most people struggle with locating their agency as change-makers in response to the overwhelming crisis.   The arts—particularly live performance—is a vital tool that connects community to complex narratives about the state of our world today, activating our heart center and allowing us to sense in to needed action.  

Climakaze Miami activities deliver visionary, risk taking performances, dialogues and activities that are committed to positive change in the face of shared climate shift realities.  We are a multi-lingual event that interconnects the cultural crossroads of the Americas and geographically unique witnesses


climakaze miami 2016 - List of artists, partners and activities

climakaze miami 2015 - List of artists, partners and activities