Art on a Damaged Planet: Theatre in the Age of Climate Change Convening

In June this year, I co-organized a Theatre in the Age of Climate Change convening with my colleagues Roberta Levitow and Chantal Bilodeau, and with the wonderful folks at HowlRound. A thorough report of our time together, written by MJ Halberstadt, is now available on the HowlRound website. Be sure and check Chantal’s complete series on Theatre in the Age of Climate change, now in its 4th Year!

Miami New Times Interview with Moira Finucane

Meet Moira Finucane, one of this year's Climakaze Miami artists:  "Finucane wasn’t always an avant-garde performer. Growing up, she was fascinated by the natural world and pored over fairy tales and the stories of saints. She studied environmental science, worked first in environmental law, then later in human rights in international gender and development."

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HowlRound Series Hits the Nail on the Climate Head

Check out the latest post from Chantal Bilodeau's Theatre in the Age of Climate Change ant HowlRound, which keeps hitting the nail on the head.   "With the looming eradication of climate science data from US government websites and the appointment of Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Trump has indicated in no uncertain terms that the health of the planet and its inhabitants are of no concern to him. As theatre artists, how do we respond? Writer and director Katie Pearl discusses how theatre, climate, and politics are inevitably linked, and asks whether artists should bring more of their artistry into citizenry." —Chantal Bilodeau

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Why I'm Breaking Up with Aristotle - Chantal Bilodeau

This week on HowlRound we continue our exploration of Theatre in the Age of Climate Change, begun a year ago, in honor of Earth Week 2016. How does our work reflect on, and respond to, the challenges brought on by a warming climate? How can we participate in the global conversation about what the future should look like, and do so in a way that is both inspiring and artistically rewarding?