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SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2018

Want to get some feelings about climate change off your chest?  Sensing you need a long, overdue heart-to-heart with the biosphere?  Ever pined to write from the perspective of a stingray, or a key lime?  Come spend the day in the Miami Beach Botanical Garden weaving letters, whisking conversations and transporting poems to and with the climate.  All levels and forms of writing welcome!  Hablamos español.  Falamos português.




If you don't already know, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is straight up magical...

If you don't already know, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is straight up magical...

The "Dear Climate" writing intensive is HOt!

Presented by Siren Arts in collaboration with FUNDarte's Climakaze Miami 2018 and the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, this immersive creative writing experience leads participants through a wild and intimate dialogue with our climate.

Originally conceived by Una Chaudhuri and collaborators at NYU’s Tisch School, the Dear Climate project is a provocative written and graphic conversation with our planet’s climate.  

The workshop invites participants to experiment with writing from a non-human perspective.  We will combine wild musings of diverse species, made up and real science, literary collage, and eco-cide comi-tradgedy to playfully generate expressions, narratives and messages addressed to our beloved and fragile biosphere.  

This writing intensive is lead by Elizabeth Doud an Neil de la Flor, and open to all climate-concerned folks free of charge.  Event takes place in and around the grounds of the garden. On Sunday, April 22 / 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at The Miami Beach Botanical Garden.  Registration required.


Lunch and snacks included for a fee of $5.   Writing supplies are provided, but we recommend participants bring a notebook and their favorite writing instrument.  And a hat, as we will be working in and around the botanical garden.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden | 2000 Convention Center Dr | Miami Beach, FL 33139.  Map and directions HERE.

Parking Info for MBBG (Beware...Construction!)

For more information, contact sirenjones350@gmail.com or 305.519.6877.


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