"Everything's not all right, but we will find a way."

-Climakaze dialogues


Climakaze's Mission

Climakaze Miami is a project of FUNDarte.  As an initiative of this forward thinking Miami-based arts organization, its mission is to combat climate denial with live performance. We want to build generative human networks in Florida and beyond through arts and cultural expressions which create greater empathy for other humans and other species.  By supporting eco-performance and climate arts, and adjacent participatory dialogues, we are crafting visions of a shared and just future for the Americas.  We value connectedness, equity, principles of deep ecology and the discipline of collaborative theater making.  We seek and practice alternative models to resource extraction capitalism, white patriarchy and colonialist mentalities.

Why and How

Is this really happening?  What’s at stake for me, my loved ones, my homeland?  Who do I stand with? What power do I have?   These are questions that reflect the confusion of individuals and communities often overwhelmed by the complexity and consequences of climate change damages already set in motion. Regionally in Florida, the free-flowing dialogue about climate change lacks ‘oxygen’ as many political and economic interests stifle public debate, awareness and policy change, and local organizations fight to be heard and implement solutions, but lack larger institutional resources. 

Inclusion of voices not historically invited to ‘environmentalist’ conversations is paramount, and includes people of color, youth, immigrants from a range of generations, indigenous communities, as well as the myriad of activist entities now looking to this moment as the best opportunity we will ever have to create the world we want.  We are a multi-lingual arts producer and make these conversations accessible in English, Haitian Creole, Portuguese and Spanish.  Here's how we want to crack this nut:


We use live performance and artistic practice to examine and tell stories about the state of our world under accelerated resource extraction economies, climate change and globalized realities.


We engage pods of diverse artists, educators, scientists, local government workers, as well as the broader community, in participative dialogues about climate change elevated circumstances of environmental, social and species injustice.


We remind ourselves of our connectedness to the larger biosphere by facilitating participant contact with green spaces, and partnering with organizations whose mission it is to protect and cultivate green-space health and access for all humans.


We act as thought partners in our local region and as a physical meeting space for individuals and communities who want to activate their agency and projects with other cultural practitioners and allies.